Moving Away from Medium

When I started writing, I picked Medium. I didn’t want to setup a blog, have choose a template or style, or figure out how to use an analytics platform. I just wanted to write.

When writing my Revoking the (Parentheses) Privilege post, it became apparent that Medium failed me. It has no support for syntax highlighting, requiring me to use screenshots from Carbon. I’m considering a post which will require JS to create visualizations, and it would be impossible on Medium.

I’ve since switched to using Jekyll and Github Pages. I like that all revisions of my posts will be available to everyone. I like that it’s a property I (almost) control: I’ll soon switch to my own domain name.

From Medium I miss the editor (although coming back to Vim feels nice), and most definitely the easy analytics. I’ll try to use Google Analytics, but I’m somewhat apprehensive of how that’ll go. I’ll miss the “Claps”. For this I’ll ask readers to react on the GitHub; I’ll create a pull request for each new post. Comments can live there too. I’ll miss the subscriptions, but for this I’ll use releases on the repository.

Hoping this’ll stick!

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